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Opening the “Red Book”

The digital Audio CD format from the viewpoint between musicology and media studies

This two-year project explores how the once-ubiquitous Compact Disc (CD) audio format was designed, subverted, reproduced and domesticated for musical ends. It is supported by a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship, awarded by the Irish Research Council in 2019.

Office hours

Every couple of weeks (currently every second Tuesday), I will host an open “office hour” and hang out over on gather.town. Please join me if you want to chat about anything CD-related! I also hope to be joined by special guests from time to time, and I'll mention them here and on Twitter, over at @_eamonnbell.

Link to gather.town room - redbook.space. Please note I won't be hanging out here until the time of the office hour. Any abusive behaviour result in an IP-based ban.